About us

The firm M-T-K Messtechnik Hamburg (GmbH & Co.) KG is at home on the out­skirts of Hamburg

and can look back on more than 50 years of company tradition.

From the start we have been closely involved in the field of elec­trical measurement and control. Our knowledge and exper­tise has grown as technology has grown, having its origins in analogue measurement technology.

The reputation we have enjoyed for many years amongst a very large number of customers is in part due to our having been appointed as an authorised repair workshop for Gossen-Metrawatt GmbH and for the products of Lem Norma GmbH (now Fluke).

Furthermore M-T-K Messtechnik has made a name for itself as a ‘repair workshop’ in the field of measurement and control tech­nology. In this service field, we offer a maintenance and repair service for customer owned equipment and of course are happy to advise any customer when faced with the problems asso­ciated with the acquisition of measurement and test equipment.

From the simple instrument like the analogue avometer, right through to complex computer controlled test rigs, all are repaired by specialist technicians.

Since 1990 our range of in-house services has been enhanced by the addition of calibration technology, employing high power multifunction calibrators from the firm Fluke. We therefore ensure that the electrical parameters applied can be tracked back to national standards and the relevant data documented in calibration reports.

Since 2004 we are accredited by Deutscher Kalibrierdienst (DKD) and audited annually.

In addition to specialist services for measurement and control equipment, we also offer our customers solutions to problems in the field of electrical measurement and control technology. And it is in the adaptation of existing measurement and control equipment and in the development and production of custo­mised solutions that we see our strength.

In response to the increasing demand for special in­di­ca­tors, we can supply analogue indicating panel instruments for plant, track vehicles and marine applications. Their out­standing features include robust design, clear indicator layout and extreme precision.

Our programme in brief…

Repair of electrical and electronic measurement and test equipment
Calibration to DIN 17025 / DKD K-41201 / Iso 9000ff.
Planning, development and production
Customised solutions in the field of measurement and control technology
Analogue indicators (to DIN)
Analogue panel mounted instruments for plant, track vehicles and marine applications as single or double indicators, with and without illumination, in a range of different sizes and models
Sales and advice
We can provide our customers with products in the field of electrical and physical measurement, testing and recording technology, from well-known manu­fac­turers and backed up by our own service workshop facilities.

The computer technology deployed enables the production of customised solutions reflected for example in the realisation of dual indicators, i.e. the display of two measurements in a single housing. The universal applicability of the analogue indicators we manufacture is complemented by a range of different types of illumination.

We would welcome the opportunity of supporting your sa­les organisation with our comprehensive range of services and, as a future partner, providing our service facilities to your customers.

You are in search of a site (post) partnership joint venture or collaboration in Germany Hamburg for the maintenance and dis­tri­bution of your products? We are a high specialized service team for the repair and calibration of electrical and electronic measurements, medical assemblies, electric-mechanical com­po­nents or units. By the way we also service temperature or pres­sure measurements. To get an impression of the wide range of products we do carry out the service for please refer to our service list (Leistungsspektrum). We are the authorized service team of Gossen Metrawatt and for the products of LEM NORMA GmbH (now Fluke).

Acredited by German Calibration Service (PTB) our body-no. is DKD-K-41201. Furthermore we distribute spare parts and can help you with the purchase of other services concerning elec­tro­nic measurements.